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The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Toller for short), also known as canadian retriever is a breed of dog originally from Canada, specifically from peninsula New Scotland. It is one of the six breeds of gundogs (retrievers) and simultaneously the smallest and the youngest in this group. It is not so extended unlike other retrievers in the Czech republic.

Canadian retriever is a pleasant dog with a great temperament and warm relationship to people in general, especially to its owner. Dog is friendly, playful and active with uncomplicated temperament. It is very intelligent and obedient. Well socialized individual doesn't act aggressively, but is able to scare off the unexpected visitors by barking. 

It is social dog which is not suitable for living in a hutch or being tied up. It likes to spend time with its family.  As a strong and capable swimmer it's talented retriever in the water and on the ground.
Retrieving is sometimes fanatical. Dog is easy to train thanks to easy motivation by subject. 

Source: wikipedia.com

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